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Litigation Risk and Mitigation


Litigation Risk Management

Through our proprietary software, we have created processes that evaluate the risk in disputes and help lawyers and clients in their decision making. Specially designed algorithms and Artificial Intelligence evaluate each case and provide lawyers and clients with data that allows them to make the right informed decisions in the litigation process.

Uncertainty Mitigation

Uncertainty Mitigation

Lawptimize is an uncertainty analysis tool for consulting parties in litigation to increase the likelihood of favorable settlement. Lawptimize allows clients and law firms to slash months or even years out of the time needed to resolve a dispute and analyze significant legal issues, as well as build winning trial strategies through statistical modeling and Machine Learning. Using Lawptimize dramatically shortens the odds you will need to go all the way through trial and significantly increases your odds of a favorable settlement, thereby saving you both time and money.

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Lawptimize offers an easy to use approach to conduct litigation based on statistical models and artificial intelligence. We are passionate about science and we can assist you in your litigation strategy for your clients.

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Suitable for...

  • Lawyers
  • Mediators
  • In house legal teams
  • Litigation financing companies
  • Clients
Litigation risk analysis

The Future of Litigation Risk Analysis: Machine Learning and Beyond

Understanding the Future of Litigation Risk analysis using machine learning and Bayesian statistics

litigation risk analysis and chess

Litigation Analysis and Chess

Strategy in litigation is like strategy in chess. Unlocking the basic thinking and analysis of the processes is important in achieving the best outcome for each case.

litigation risk management

Blunders of using ChatGPT in Legal Research

Why using AI tools in legal tech is not as straightforward as it sounds and why the key for the future is collaboration.

Quantum decision theory in litigation

Quantum Decision Theory in Litigation

Quantum decision theory in litigation is the use of quantum physics to analyze legal decision-making processes. It involves applying the concept of quantum superposition to legal scenarios to make more accurate predictions.

Litigation Risk and Machine Learning

Introducing new algorithms that bring machine learning into litigation risk analysis!

litigation risk decision tree

Simplifying the Litigation Decision Tree Creation

We have simplified the way the litigation decision trees are creating with the use of a step-by-step 'wizard'.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

litigation risk management

Lawptimize as the Lawyers' Co-Pilot

How does the AI of Lawptimize can help lawyers in their daily work and strategy.

litigation risk management

Litigation Risk Analysis and the Path Integral Formulation of Quantum Mechanics

The sum of all possibilities and paths as expressed by the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics as applied to litigation risk management.

Being You

Neuroscience, Bayesian Statistics and litigation risk analysis

Bayesian Statistics in Litigation Strategy

How bayesian inference is at the core of what we do in Lawptimize.

Investor Opportunities 2022

Opportunity to Invest in the scaling-up of Lawptimize.

Support and Training

We take support and training to our members very seriously and it is part of each members onboarding to sign-up for free to our zoom sessions in which they learn how to use Lawptimize to the maximum.

comparing - litigation risk management

Comparing Decision Trees

Today we announce a new set of features in Lawptimize that allow our users to compare the results from two different diagrams at a glance.

Slow Thinking for Fast Decisions

Using Lawptimize as a tool to promote slow rational thinking that can lead to the right decision making for your litigation strategy.

Calculus and Statistics

Analyzing statistics vs calculus

Lawptimize in NatWest Accelerator Programme

Lawptimize is in the current cohort of the NatWest Accelerator Programme

Is Lawptimize a predicting platform?

Lawptimize as a strategy and analysis tool for litigation.

Litigation  Game Theory

Litigation and Game Theory

The new algorithms that use game theory as applied to litigation.

Why Track with A Decision Tree?

The reasons why we use a decision tree for tracking the litigation process.

The notion of experience and Bayesian Statistics

Hegel, Aeschylus and Bayes on experience.

Lessons from Quantum Mechanics

Probability Lessons from Quantum Mechanics

What we are reading

The lean enterprise and lawptimise

The Unnatural Nature of Statistics

Statistics are pretty much unnatural... But we get all our knowledge from statistics. What a paradox!